Words From The President

Judith Martínez Gore.

The bleak existence of economic instability, crippling poverty, and the overall lack of hope that exists in the third world has been a stark reality since my childhood. Growing up in Honduras, I realized at a young age that life can be overwhelmingly harsh.

This painful truth causes a great number of individuals to feel lost and unimportant. Many Hondurans see these factors as obstacles that prevent personal and spiritual development. However, my parents viewed the Honduran condition as an opportunity to help those in need. Rather than giving in to the status quo, they sought, at every turn, to aid individuals by providing sustenance and helping them find employment, but most importantly by giving them with the undeniable power of the gospel. Making no distinction of class, color, or creed. Their passion to improve the lives of Hondurans was based in spiritual nourishment. They believed that if you taught people about their personal value and helped them find a positive relationship with God that they would learn not to claim themselves as victims of poverty but as soldiers of progress.

This is the inspiration that has led me to facilitate the efforts of the Danilo’s Cares non-profit initiative. I hope you share in our vision and join our cause.