Each year, the Danilo’s Cares team provides local events and outreach programs to support Honduran communities. Perhaps what you don’t know is that today’s efforts were started many years ago long with the establishment of Danilo’s Pura Piel. Someone provided my father with basic resources to establish his own dream, and Danilo’s Cares exists to provide this same gift to other Honduran citizens. My father loved the following old Chinese proverb: “You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him a trade that will sustain him for a lifetime.”

2017 begins with an event that will give children a valuable resource for the new school year: a durable backpack to carry school supplies. I am very excited about this event and feel nostalgic and emotional when I see the below picture of my sister Judith (Co-founder and Director of Danilo’s Cares foundation) and one of our oldest Danilo’s team members, Jose Luis.

Jose started working for Danilo’s over thirty years ago. At some point, my father was in need for qualified men to produce his products. At that time, Jose was an electrician at the main factory, and my father trained Jose Luis as an artisan leather maker. Jose Luis quickly learned the trade and worked alongside him for many years before his death. Today, Luis produces the backpack you see in the picture, along with travel and carry-on items for other Danilo’s product lines.

I am proud of my sister’s dedication to continue what my dad started many years ago. Her genuine care for the well-being of these Honduran children inspires me. If you are interested to support this backpack project and make a difference in the lives of Honduran youth, please support Danilo’s Cares!

Raquel Muller,
Associate Director

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