2014 was an exciting summer and one of our first projects of the year was working, with the orphanage Mis Pequeñas Rosas. 

 These girls toured the Danilo’s Fine Leather facility where they learned about our company’s history. The girls were each given lessons on how to design their own leather bracelets and were able to put their own unique touch on these items using our laser machining process.  We wanted to expose the girls to our facility in hopes of sparking some career interest in leather crafting. They were also given the gospel by one of our staff members. They were made aware that they had a great deal to offer society and that Danilo’s Fine Leather was here to support them in their efforts to become self-sufficient individuals. As always, we shared the story of our founder and patriarch, Danilo Martinez – A man that came from absolute poverty and was able to work against all odds to create a successful business. His story is meant to give these orphans hope and will continue to touch lives long into the future.

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