Christmas Campaign

Since our formation in 2012 the Danilo’s Cares team has sought to help Honduran children facing the burden of poverty through a variety of humanitarian projects. From our dental program which allows us to provide hundreds of children with essential dental procedures such as: cleanings, tooth extractions, and dental hygiene instruction. To our efforts made in refurbishing public school classrooms that help to improve the children’s learning environment. The staff at Danilo’s Cares is committed to providing a multi-faceted and life long approach aimed at helping these impoverished children in any way we can. Perhaps one of our most rewarding campaigns is the organization of our Christmas gift boxes. Each year the staff at Danilo’s Cares is responsible for the organization and distribution of several hundred-gift packages. These packages help to provide underprivileged Honduran children with a chance at having a normal Christmas experience while still conveying the true message of the Christmas season. Each box is assembled by generous volunteers devoted to making a difference in the lives of poor children.

If you would like to learn more about this program or if you would like to organize some of your own boxes please email for more details. We look forwarding to hearing from you and we hope you will join this profound cause.