“With 2021 now underway, many of us are still dealing with the tremendous challenges the past year presented. From economic struggles, and personal snares, to the loss of loved ones, we have all endured a great deal. Each hardship as well as each triumph has made us stronger! Some of us have been more fortunate than others, but let’s make this new year about more than just recognizing the abundance of our blessings. Join the Danilo’s Cares team in helping us find new ways to help those that have been less fortunate. Donate now and be a part of our year-long “Commitment to Compassion” campaign!”

How are we helping Honduras?

We provide essential humanitarian assistance and educational resources to marginalized Honduran children

“All donations go directly towards improving conditions on the ground in Honduras. No amount is too small. Our commitment to making Honduras stronger will never waiver. And our gratitude for your support is immeasurable. Together, we remain ready for the challenges at hand as well as those that lie ahead!”

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Frequent Questions

Donate money and share with others all the work that together we are accomplishing!

Every dime goes towards helping disadvantaged populations. None of our staff receives a salary. All donations will go towards humanitarian efforts in Honduras!

Educational enhancements in Honduras, hurricanes response, and COVID-19 relief.

Yes, we do and we welcome it! However, it is important that these collaborations always align with the need and vision of the organization.