We have worked hard with our CAMO partners to unlock our potential as an organization in 2023. Over the last several months, our team has organized 12 dental brigades reaching 555 suffering children in rural Honduras. 

These events address the specific needs of children unaware of the dangers associated with neglecting their dental health. Whether it’s tooth extractions, fluoride treatments, or general cleanings, our team has been agents of action, providing critical care to those in need. 

Many ask, why focus on dental health? The answer is simple; good dental hygiene improves overall health. Our program addresses other areas of concern, such as maintaining a good diet and proper brushing and flossing techniques.


In 2022, our team treated Cristofer Terue, a ten-year-old impoverished boy with no dental care. Several cavities were observed, causing him tremendous pain. His poor diet and lack of dental hygiene desperately needed to be addressed.  

The dental staff went to work on Cristofer, removing and sealing the cavities, performing a thorough dental cleaning, and educating him on how to brush and floss properly. Our team also explained how high-sugar foods can damage the teeth and gums. 

When our team examined Cristofer in 2023, his teeth were in excellent condition. His dental health had been maintained due to our extensive instruction on proper dental hygiene. 

This is just one example of our lasting impact in this region of the world. We see more children each year, but our work’s true resonance is that we are teaching these children how to help themselves. 

We remain committed to growing our mission and helping these children. Thank you for investing in our effort to fight the crippling effects of poverty and to keep changing Honduras one smile at a time!