In 2011, my sister Judith ran the ING Half Marathon to support fundraising for earthquake relief in Haiti. After completing the race she was convinced to run again, but this time to support our home country of Honduras. Through our Danilo’s Cares organization, the area she focused on was children’s dental care in the city of San Pedro Sula. When she shared her plans with me, I immediately said I would run with her to support the cause!

Time passed, and life kept me busy with work and home. I felt hesitant and fearful about running the race, as I had never run the distance of a half marathon before. It wasn’t until I saw Judith’s strict training and inspired routine that I refocused on my own, and dedicated myself to the race.

A cold and rainy race day was finally upon us. Three young children and their aunt and uncle were on the sidelines to cheer us on. When the start time arrived, Judith and I thought about the loss of our father. We know he would have appreciated our determination to carry on his efforts of supporting our country and its people. Our father’s lifetime commitment was to assist and empower those in need, and the dental care that Danilo’s Cares provides helps continue this legacy.

A few hours later (and a few minutes after my sister), I crossed the finish line!

Thank you to all the generous people that support our cause through Danilo’s Cares!


Raquel Muller,

Danilo’s Cares Team

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